Thursday, February 10, 2011

Henry Purcell - The Complete Fantazias - Fretwork







The Fantazia for consort of viols is one of the glories of English music, and this unique repertoire, spreading over nearly two centuries, represents the loftiest and most perfect kind of instrumental chamberHenry Purcell music written in Europe before the era of the classical string quartet. In his Fantazias for viol, the young Henry Purcell put into practice all he had absorbed in the course of his technical and stylistic training. These pieces are a perfect illustration of his avowed ambition to surpass all his contemporaries. Formed in 1986, Fretwork is a consort of viols based in the United Kingdom. The group's repertoire consists primarily of music of the Renaissance period, in particular that of Elizabethan and Jacobean England, arrangements of the music of J.S. Bach and contemporary music written especially for them. 


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  1. Oh Purcell, I love his music! I supose you know the complete anthems and services with New College Choir and Robert King, delicious! And Dido & Aeneas with Hogwood, and...
    Thanks for the radio, I hear it a lot. Have you bought for it the Cd of Bach-family motets with the Tölz boys choir? A jewell! More in my blog. Thanks, and enjoy the barocke music!

  2. My compliments for a fine choice of music for this upload. I have to buy this CD some day soon. :-)

  3. Thank you for your nice comments. I do not have the motets but I wish I had.

  4. Thanks Ottos! I will give you a link to buy them:
    Buy Motets of Bach Family.
    And here two shorts audio samples from the same motet:
    Audio 1.
    Audio 2.
    It's a wonderful disc!
    How ist the direct url to hear Ottos Baroque? I listen to it hear and in Screamer Radio.
    Many thanks and have a nice day!

  5. And here my review of that cd. I will put your blog into my links-list so that my readers can hear wonderful music. :-)

  6. My dear Sankerib! Where have you been? Taking a sabbatical? I visited your blog and so many people have been missing you!!

  7. I give you another present: it's a program from the Spanish Radio, Radio Clásica. The first work was a motet from that cd. Altnickol: "Befiehl du deine Wege". Listen. Is it very difficult to have a radio like yours? I have always admire it... I hear it since 2007.

  8. Sorry, I must do another recommendation... It's sooooooo great...! Schütz . Kleine Geistliche Konzerte.
    Have a nice day!

  9. Dear Euterpe, I am sorry I did not answer you earlier but I have been so very busy...about the radio: not too difficult but very costly :-)



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