Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Musik fur Sans-Souci - Graun,Quantz,Benda - Ensemble Sans-Souci Berlin







The observance of historically appropriate pitch plays a vital role in the acoustic and artistic outcome of a performance. In stressing the " chamber- aspect of “chamber pitch”, or "KammerTon", we want to invite the listener to hear the subtleties of this repertoire even more clearly. Moreover, we are inspired by the historical ideal of chamber music, performed before a small group of music lovers and cognoscenti, not least of all, it is an reference to the Frledenau Chamber Concerts in Berlin, most of the recordings in this series were made as part of this festival in the Chamber Concert Hall. KammerTon is a conscious reaction to the sterility of a studio production, and records the music where it at its most authentic in the tension of a concert, in the inter action between artist and public. The recording technology attempts to capture the natural balance and color of the musical performance honestly - including the unique atmosphere and tension of a live concert…


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  1. I totally concur, Otto. Your review is magnificent,
    and contrary to mine here, goes to the point of this Music.

    Clearly, this album ranks for me among the best renditions of JG Graun
    I have listened to. And I have listened, to date, to 16 CDs of his very scarce
    and scattered discography. In my opinion, only the Coin register
    in Astrée surpasses this, but it is mostly because The Ensemble Baroque
    of Limoges did choose very carefully among his relatively short output,
    those works that are more fierce, Strum-und-Drang wise.

    Here, we have a more balanced program in character, with works
    from main protagonists of that epoch-resounding orchestra;
    and equally, there's an uniqueness to the performance that makes
    this live concert recording stand out in terms of taste, well marked
    tempos, and "tact", if that can be pointed out, making the
    CD's performance just splendorous.

    Attracts both the heart and the mind, and as a symbolic musical
    highpoint of that natural harmony inherent in the Enlightenment,
    It appeals the ingenuity side of my rational view of how music should be. After listening to it, my judgement on how a performance of pre-classical music should be, has improved and developed.

    I am indebted for this pick of yours. Tenks.



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