Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Marais - Pieces for Viola da Gamba - Paolo Pandolfo

Marais - Pieces for Viola da Gamba - Paolo Pandolfo
Chamber | single flac, cue | no log, cover | 1 CD, 387 MB
released 2004 | El Pais | RapidShare

CD Content

Marin Marais - Folies d'Espagne
Marin Marais - Suite en La Menor
Marin Marais - Prelude en Harpegement
Marin Marais - Le Labyrinthe
Marin Marais - Marche Persane dite la Savigny
Marin Marais - Sarabande à l'espagnol
Marin Marais - Le Tableau de l'Operation de la Taille
Marin Marais - Le Tourbillon
Marin Marais - Tombeau pour Marais le Cadet
Marin Marais - Chaconne en rondeau


  1. Paolo the greatest !!
    How wonderful it was the firts time we met in a "chiesa romanica" near Ivrea when Paolo improvised during 30 ' on an italian them
    How great it was in Paris when he gave a "A Solo" concert
    Fully performant every time I saw him playing, and finally how lovely it was when he accepted to come and play home for my so dear and beloved shadow of life birthday.

    Paolo is such a kind person. Il love him

  2. Otto, your blog is great, bu oh man, filefactory man, you should upload your files to a different host!



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