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Biber - Rosenkranz Sonaten - Goebel, MAK

Biber - Rosenkranz Sonaten - Goebel, MAK
Chamber | Eac, Ape, cue | log, cover | 2 CD, 530 MB
July 8, 1991 | Archiv | RapidShare

Biber's so-called "Mystery Sonatas" are among the most alluring, meditative, virtuostic and amazingly beautiful compositions ever written for the violin - which this fine recording captures most vividly.

Three aspects of this recording stand out as superb and make this CD a highly recommended recording for Biber's "Mystery Sonatas." The first is the extremely vivid and crystaline sound quality from DG, who created an ideally-resonant sound ambiance that brings out the mystery and depth of this music. Stunning. The second aspect is the most unique, mysterious and musically innovative compositions from the Austrian violin virtuoso and composer, Biber. The depth of emotive effects and degree of virtusosity immediately catch the attention of the listener and draws one into their mysteries (of the life of Christ). In addition to the "standard" harpsichord and/or therebo continuo, these sonatas also add deeply-resonant organ bass pedal-points that create a powerful and alluring backdrop for the drama of the solosit to unfold.

The last aspect that makes this recording special is the accomplished playing of Reinhard Goebels that is of the highest caliber. His technique in the 32nd-note passages is flawless, crisp and worthy of the finest accolades while the sensitive and soaring tonality he exudes in the slower movements is extremely attractive and never grating to the ear. Goebels plays this music not only with the utmost virtuosity but also with a well-judged passion - bringing drama while respecting Biber's sacred and meditative musical intentions by not overly "attacking" the music. His smooth lyricism honors Biber's contemplative designs. So, the combination of these three aspects along with some interesting notes from Goebels on the music and scordatura techniques make this a most desirable and recommended recording from Musica Antiqua Koln. I cannot say there are any "dull moments" or uninspired playing or composing anywhere on the entire 2 CD's - only the most skillfully and mysteriously composed music for violin and Baroque continuo. It remains one of the more unique compositions and an ever-fascinating study of the art of violin playing. And Musica Antique Koln honors this sacred music with the highest art and musical sensitivity.--Amazon

CD Content

Disc: 1
1. I. The Annuciation
2. II. The Visitation
3. III. The Nativity
4. IV. The Presentation
5. V. The Finding in the Temple
6. VI. The Agony in the Garden
7. VII. The Scourging of Jesus
8. VIII. The Crowing of Jesus with Thorns

Disc: 2
1. IX. Jesus carries His Cross
2. X. The Crucifixion
3. XI. The Resurrection
4. XII. The Ascension
5. XIII. The Descent of the Holy Ghost
6. XIV. The Assumption of our Lady
7. XV. The Crowning of the Blessed Virgin Mary
8. Passacaglia


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  2. Part 3 is lost. Can yo reupload, please? Sincere thanks.



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