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Gibbons - Consort and Keyboard Music, Songs and Anthems - Rose Consort of Viols

Gibbons - Consort and Keyboard Music, Songs and Anthems -
Rose Consort of Viols

Baroque | flac, cue | no log, cover | 1 CD, 331 MB
November 29, 1994 | Naxos | RapidShare

The music of Orlando Gibbons represents the English response to radical changes that stemmed largely from Italy in the age of the birth of opera and a move away from the contrapunctal complexities of previous centuries. Whereas the Italian tended to write gradiose and radical works such of those by Monteverdi, the English tended to write music that was stylistically old-fashioned by the standards of the times, unostentatious with its preference for the sounds of the viol consort that helped make it so intimately poetic and evocative. The madrigal The Silver Swan is one of the most famous examples of English music of its time.

We really should rejoice over the fact that Naxos has this superb recording in its catalog. The music making here is first rate in every possible way. Of course Tesser Bonner is a regular with none other than the Tallis Scholars, testifying to the fact that Naxos is above all a quality label. In particular I really do love the way Bonner uses period pronounciation of the texts whereas Emma Kirky sadly modernises the pronounciation in music of this period. Thus the word 'bird' is pronounced more like 'beard'. I feel this helps to evoke the sense of the recreation of a lost world. The instrumental pieces too are unfailingly fine with excellent ensemble work by Red Byrd.

A superb recording recommendable in every possible way.--Amazon


# Pavans for keyboard, unidentified [Unspecified] Pavan
# Galliards for keyboard, unidentified Galliard
# Behold, thou hast made my days, anthem for voices
# Lord Salisbury's pavan and galliard, for keyboard, MB18/19
# Fantasia a 2, No.1, for viols, MB1
# I weigh not Fortunes's frown
# I tremble not at noise of war
# I see ambition never pleased
# I feign not friendship where I hate
# Work(s) [Unspecified] Preludium in G
# Go from my window, variations in 6 parts for viols, MB40
# Daintie fine bird, madrigal for 5 voices
# Faire is the rose, madrigal for 5 voices
# Fantasia a 2, No.3, for viols, MB3
# Fantasia a 2, No.5, for viols, MB5
# The Fairest Nymph, mask for keyboard, MB43
# Lincoln's Inn mask, for keyboard, MB44
# Almans for keyboard, unidentified Allmaine in G
# Fantasia a 3 (Music for the Double Bass), No.1, MB16
# Galliards for keyboard, unidentified Galliard
# The silver swanne, madrigal for 5 voices
# In Nomines a 5 (3), for consort (unidentified) [Unspecified] In Nomine
# Glorious and powerful God, anthem for voices

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