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Scheidt, Samuel - Concertus Sacri - Dresdner Kreuzchor, Flamig

Scheidt, Samuel - Concertus Sacri - Dresdner Kreuzchor, Flamig
Sacred | Eac, flac, cue | log, cover | 1 CD, 242 MB
November 14, 1995 | Berlin Classics | RapidShare

Samuel Scheidt, one of the most important German composers of the 17th century, is best-known for his many organ works. Yet he also composed a sizeable number of sacred vocal works, which are closely related to liturgical practices in Halle, where Scheidt spent most of his life.

Scheidt's music is surprising, when compared to that of his contemporaries. While firmly rooted in the German motet form, which was predominant at the time, it also features a variety of elements from the then-new Italian style. The standard vocal concerto form is respected, yet the influence of the Italian madrigal give them tone colours and rhythms that are totally unexpected. In the Concertus XII, for example, there is a sharp contrast between the brief sections sung in plainchant, which act as a kind of recitative, and the longer concerto sections, with soloists and choruses flying around ecstatically over a rich instrumental accompaniment.

The instrumentation is also much more complex than many of his contemporaries - Scheidt uses a wide variety of instruments, which give his music a unique texture. Concertus V features a group of viola da gambas, providing an interesting tone, together with flutes. Concertus XII is a simpler work, relying on the choir for a large share of the music, with only an organ, gamba and violone providing continuo. The starkness of the instrumental accompaniment here is in sharp contrast with the richness of the vocal colours.

This music is unique - it has such an ornate sound that it is in sharp contrast with Scheidt's contemporaries, particularly Sch├╝tz. The performances are fine, although some of the soloists lack depth, and seem a bit out of place. Nevertheless, this recording is very satisfying, and provides an interesting overview of one of the most unique German composers of the 17th century, one who was able to ally two very different styles into immensely intricate sacred works.

A fine recording of some very interesting sacred music from 17th century Germany. Scheidt combined traditional German forms with the then-new Italian style, creating works of unusual richness.--Kirk McElhearn

CD Content
"Concertus V - Hodie completi sunt"
"Concertus - Magnificat"
"Concertus - Magnificat 8 Toni"
"Concertus - Laudate Dominum in Sanctis"

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