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Vojta - Musicus Salutaris - La Gambetta

Vojta - Musicus Salutaris - La Gambetta
Baroque | single flac, no cue | no log, cover | 1 CD, 370 MB
28. April 2009 | Arta | RapidShare

Vojta, Jan Ignác František

(b ?Czernovicium, c1660; d ?Prague, before 1725). Czech composer. He attended the Jesuit seminary of St Václav in Prague and then studied philosophy at Prague University, where he took the BA on 20 May 1677. After studying medicine there, he qualified as a doctor on 26 June 1684. His text for a Christmas play appeared in print in January 1684 (CZ-Pu; the music is lost), as did the text for his undated cantata Threnodia huius Temporis sive Exul Veritas. Both works are dedicated to the dean of the faculty of medicine, Jan Jakub Václav Dobřenský, a patron of music. Between 1702 and 1705 Vojta was the doctor at the Benedictine monastery in Prague. He was apparently a very good violinist and a skilful composer. There are documentary records, mostly from monastic sources, of some 26 compositions by him, mainly sacred. However, only the following works are known to survive: Threnodia huius Temporis (cantata), A, B, cont, Prague, before 1697 (A-Wn); 3 church cantatas (CZ-Bm); 3 sonatas, cont (A-Wm); and Parthia amabilis, 2 vv, cont (F-Pc).--Grove

Track listing

1. [Intrada] 1:23
2. Anima mea Dilecta 9:14
3. Sonata I 8:28
4. Sonata II 8:18
5. Sonata III 7:12
6. Threnodia jujus temporis 14:28

Parthis amabilis
7. Sonata 2;48
8. Allemande 1:39
9. Courante 1:02
10. Sarabanda 1:33
11. Aria 1:03
12. Gigue 1:22
13. Retirada 1:03
14. Arietta Cordialis 6:16

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