Monday, November 22, 2010

Bach JS - The Complete Orchestral Suites – Pearlman, Boston Baroque







There is no dearth of recordings of the Bach Orchestral Suites, but this new one goes right to the top of the list of recommended performances. Pearlman and his Boston Baroque play on period instruments but there is never any stridency in the strings, none of the odd pressured quality that can creep into "historically informed" readings. The 3rd and 4th suites, the most heavily scored, are given truly rousing readings, with the trumpets and timpani making a joyful noise and the oboes and bassoon audibleBoston Baroque and very welcome in the mix---the recording is well-balanced. The first suite has prominent wind parts as well, and Pearlman weaves them in and out of the orchestral fiber effectively, as the music indicates. The tricky Suite No. 2 is often presented as a type of flute concerto, but Pearlman has the solo flute backed up by multiple strings in the grander passages and reduces them to solos when the flute has its own melodic line. And most importantly, he realizes that the movements of all the suites are dances, and so the music, in its own, French Baroque way, swings. The recording is as fine as the performances, which is to say, remarkable. --Robert Levine




  1. Excellent music! Excellent your blog! Many thanks.

  2. Thank you for introducing us such an excellent performance.
    Unfortunately, your tracks 23 and 24 are damaged.
    Any chance of fixing them?
    Thank you anyway!

  3. Damaged? How? What do you mean exactly?

  4. They can be played but sounds are skipped in some places.
    You can see when you play these tracks yourself.
    I believe it resulted from scratches on your CD.



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