Saturday, November 20, 2010

Vivaldi - The Four Seasons, Violin Concertos - Holloway, Toso







I am a huge fan of the Sony Essential Classics budget series. Most of the recordings feature classic and often definitive performances featuring theA portrait of Antonio Vivaldi in 1725 likes of Eugene Ormandy, George Szell, Isaac Stern and Rudolf Serkin among others. Here we get violinist John Holloway with conductor Jean-Claude Malgoire and La Grande Ecurie et la Chambre du Roy performing  Vivaldi's Four Seasons. (The disc concludes with violinist Piero Toso, conductor Claudio Scimone and I Solisti Veneti performing two other popular Vivaldi concertos.) This is an excellent performance of what are arguably the most popular Concertos ever written. My only reservation about this performance is that the pacing on this recording is particularly slow.


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  1. A new (for me) Four seasons is welcome always.
    Thank you.



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