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Leonarda, Isabella - Opera Decima Sesta - Cappella Strumentale del Duomo di Novara

Isabella Leonarda was one of a small number of women musicians of the seventeenth century, and the only one to have left us such a vast amount of music. Her life certainly differed from that of her more or less famous male “colleagues”, for she was a nun composer with a great sense of devotion to the Virgin Mary. Music was for Leonarda an expression of her deep faith, a reflection of the parallel between divine and human order, contemplated and experienced through her own creative abilities. Her more than two hundred compositions include her instrumental works: the twelve sonatas for 1, 2, 3 and 4 instruments from her op. XVI. The sonata as a form took hold in the centers of northern Italy, and for 3/4th of a century, or approximately until 1650, it was cultivated almost exclusively in that area. It was nearly always published in groups of 6 or 12, and collections would conclude with a final sonata, often in the form of variations (such as Corelli’s Follia, op. V, n. 12) or another single composition. Leonarda herself followed this practice: her op. XVI indeed contains 12 sonatas, eleven of which are for 2 violins, violone and basso continuo, while the twelfth piece is for solo violin and basso continuo.

Almost all of Isabella Leonarda's works are sacred vocal compositions, she was afther all a nun. So this opus 16 is sadly sister Isabella's only collection of instrumental music. But what a collection it is!

Cappella Strumentale del Duomo di Novara does a great performance here, and the sound is crisp and distinctive.

Cod.: TC.623701
Edition: July 2004
Historic period: Baroque
Author: Isabella Leonarda (1620-1704)
Performers: CAPPELLA STRUMENTALE DEL DUOMO DI NOVARA primo violino: Servio Bona, violino secondo: Igor Del Vecchio, violoncello: Claudia Poz, organo positivo: Alberto Sala.

thank you Irma Grese


  1. Thanks, Otto! Never heard before the music of this gorgeous composer, Isabella Leonarda... It's a beautiful album! ;-)


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  3. Thats my rip from Avax,not mesclassics!

    I am Irma Grese there.



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