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Senallie - Premier livre de Sonates a violon seul avec la b.c. - Edouard,Eichelberger,Jacques

Senallie - Premier livre de Sonates a violon seul avec la b.c. -
Chamber | Eac, flac, cue | log, scans | 1 CD, 414 MB
released 2004 | K617 | RS

Jean Baptiste Senallie

(b Paris, c1688; d Paris, 18 Oct 1730). French violinist and composer. His father, Jean Senaillé, a violinist in the 24 Violons du Roi, is presumed to have been Jean Baptiste's first teacher. According to an article in the Mercure published eight years after his death, Senaillé studied with the violinist G.A. Piani. Fétis claimed that he also studied with Baptiste, but this appears to be pure conjecture. Senaillé published his first two books of violin sonatas in 1710 and 1712. He must already have been making something of an impact as a violinist in Paris since one of Dornel's Sonates à violon seul (1711) is entitled ‘La Senaillé’. In January 1713 he was assigned his father's place in the 24 Violons and (apart from an absence of about four years) was associated with the ensemble until his death. Senaillé seems to have spent the years between the publication of his third and fourth books (1716–21) in Italy, though exactly what he did there remains unclear. There is no firm evidence for his having studied in Modena with T.A. Vitali, and the stories of his rapturous reception at the Modenese court, first reported by Titon du Tillet in 1743, can probably be discounted since they embody errors of fact about the ducal family. He was back in Paris by January 1720, when he is listed as one of the violinists who played in the Ballet de Cardenio, directed by J.-F. Rebel. In 1722 he took out a privilege for a collection of ‘Sonates françoises avec la basse continue et autres pièces de symphonies à deux et à trois parties’; however, the only new publication after this date was his fifth book of Sonatas of 1727. From 1728 he appeared regularly at the Concert Spirituel and, as the various reports in the Mercure make clear, he was acknowledged as one of the leading violinists in Paris.--Grove

CD Content

Sonate II
Sonate VI
Sonate VII
Sonate I
Sonate VIII
Sonate V
Sonate IV

Odile Edouard, violon
Freddy Eichelberger, clavecin
Emmanuel Jacques, violoncelle

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