Friday, August 20, 2010

Graupner - Orchestral Works - Nova Stravaganza, Rampe




This disc of Graupner's Orchestral works is outstanding and does full justice to the brilliance of the score. The solo parts are all superbly played, and the ensemble playing is impeccable. It shows a great zest on the part of everyone involved.This release impressively proves that Graupner isn't just Christoph Graupner's cantata for the birthday of Landgraf Ernst Ludwig, December 1726.a 'minor master' of the 18th century in Germany, and more than 'a contemporary of Bach and Telemann'. He was a very distinguished composer whose works considerably add to the picture of musical styles and compositional developments in Germany in the period from about 1725 to 1760. One can only hope that more will follow, and that others may be encouraged to perform more of Graupner's output which is awaiting to be rediscovered in the archives in Darmstadt.


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