Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bach JC - 3 Quintets - Sextet - Pinnock, The English Concert







Here is charming and completely diverting music. These melodious chamber works by Johann Christian Bach, known as "The London Bach" overflow with catchy melodies that will put a smile on the face of any musicJohann Christian Bach, painted in London by Thomas Gainsborough, 1776 (Museo Civico, Bologna) lover. This is not music with a message other than to entertain and the  youngest son of Johann Sebastian Bach was an imaginative composer who embraced the new Classical era. He was among the earliest masters to perform solos on the then newfangled pianoforte. Mozart took lessons from J.C. Bach and was much influenced by him. Trevor Pinnock and The English Concert play these beguiling works with a sense of joy and delight. - Greg La Traille 


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