Monday, October 25, 2010

Telemann - Kleine Cammer Music - Camerata Koln







The Camerata Köln is a Cologne-based chamber ensemble devoted largely to early music, with a special focus on woodwind compositions. The group's repertory includes concertos, quartets, quintets, sonatas, and other works mainly from the post-Renaissance era and reaching into the Classical period. The group concertizes regularly in Germany and most parts of Europe and has made numerous tours of the Americas and other parts of the globe. By 2006, it had made well over 50 recordings.

The Camerata Köln was founded in 1979 by young musicians devoted toThe Camerata Köln Baroque and other early music, performed in accordance with strict historical practices. The number of players in the group varies, of course, depending on the requirements of the piece, and the ensemble often uses guest performers and makes frequent appearances with chamber orchestras at home and abroad. In 2006, the seven regular members of Camerata Köln were: Michael Schneider, who plays the recorder and transverse flute, Karl Kaiser (transverse flute), Sabine Lier (violin), Ingeborg Scheerer (violin and viola), Rainer Zipperling (cello and viola da gamba), Juliane Borsodi (cello and viola da gamba), and Sabine Bauer (keyboard).

The ensemble celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2009 and therefore takes up a special position as one of the longest-standing groups on the early music scene today.



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