Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bach JS - Lute Music - Jakob Lindberg, Lute







This is to my mind the most satisfying of any set of the Bach lute suites, whether played on lute or guitar.. Lindberg captures every mood, every nuance Bach has to offer. There is absolutely nothing perfunctory here. A listen to the Sarabandes from the Suite in E Minor (BWV 996) or C Minor (BWV 997) will quickly and permanently silence criticism. I have nothing but the deepest respect for an artist, like Lindberg, who can peel back the layers of music that may be, under less sensitive fingers, simply dull and academic. Lindberg's Bach is sweet revelation. These discs are a wondrous calmative. Lindberg proves the perfect advocate, and the sound provided him by BIS, as well, is exemplary. 


ape, scans


  1. Part 3 has the following message: "Sorry, due to an unexpected error the file you are requesting is no longer available."

  2. I get the same message, can you please reupload it?



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