Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fasch - Passio Jesu Christi (Brockes Passion) - Capella Savaria







Fasch's "Passio Jesu Christi" uses the 'libretto' called the Brockes Passion, which was also set by Handel, Keiser, Mattheson, Stolzel and Telemann. Stylistically, Fasch's Passio lies almost exactly halfway between the Engraved portrait of Brockes (1744) by Christian Fritsch (1704 - 1760)Passion settings of Heinrich Schütz and that of Handel. The Brockes text  is more operatically dramatic than the straight-from-scripture text used by Schütz. The recitativos are quite flamboyant, and the instrumental contributions florid. The most prominent aria is the "Daughter of Zion". One can imagine that the city authorities of Leipzig didn't find Fasch's music notably inferior to Bach's. Listen without prejudice and you'll understand why. This is a first-rate performance in every way, instrumental and vocal.


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