Monday, January 24, 2011

Handel - Complete Wind Sonatas - Bruggen, Bylsma, van Asperen







Frans Brüggen clearly demonstrates in these recordings that he is, indeed, the master of the recorder! The ensemble revels in the baroque spirit creating one of the most obvious examples of baroque small ensembleFrans Bruggen playing and interpretation. With a laid-back and relaxed feel, the ensemble rides the ebbing and flowing tempo together seemingly without effort, as if the rhythmic wandering was self evident in Handel's composition. The recording is very good for the technology of it's time. Just the right amount of room ambiance accompanies the clear and detailed sounds of the delicate instruments. The work of oboist Bruce Haynes is on par and in the same spirit as Brüggen's recorder playing. A wonderful collection of now-stately, now-lively and always melodious music. The recordings in this collection are simply magical. 


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