Monday, February 28, 2011

Uccellini - La Bergamasca - McGegan, The Arcadian Academy







Marco Uccellini as well as some of his other Italian contemporaries of the early-mid 17th centuries are rarities indeed in terms of performance and even more in terms of recording. Fortunately, the recent revival in obscure composers and compositions has brought to light some magnificent finds such as this one performed by Nicholas McGegan andNicholas McGegan his group.

The pieces here are in the early Baroque Italian style that was not as grandiose as the later traditions of Corelli or Vivaldi but allowed for some innovative developments in the sonatas for violin. Performing with the Baroque violin McGegan plays like a virtuoso and seems to have no obstacles with his instrument, methods, or the composition. Uccellini is pleasant to listen to as he is usually quite lively with typically more complex compositions for his sonatas than most of his other obscure contemporaries.

You can't go wrong with McGegan. He doesn't get lost in fine tuning academic technique and emphasizes on performance. 



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