Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bach JS - Cantatas (Ascension) - Gardiner, Monteverdi Choir


John Eliot Gardiner's original Millennium Bach Cantata Pilgrimage plan involved weekly Deutsche Grammophon recordings of all the concerts, but the plan did not prove practical. This CD of Bach's Ascension Day cantatas dates from 1993 and 1999. The pride of the disc is BWV 11: The opening chorus is an adrenaline fix of blazing, suitably ascending motifs led by studio-immaculate baroque trumpets. Thereafter, the mood changes. The alto aria "Ach bleibe" (actually the great Agnus Dei from the Mass in B Minor) is, in countertenor Michael Chance's silky throat (1993 model), a poignant, drooping song of sorrow for the departed Lord. Chance's 1993 fellow soloists are Nancy Argenta, Anthony Rolfe Johnson, and Stephen Varcoe. They sing BWV 43 (Gott fähret auf) and BWV37 (Wer da gläubet) with clear enjoyment. Argenta also sings in the 1999 session for BWV 128, Auf Christi Himmelfahrt with colleagues Robin Blaze, Stefan Genz, and Reinhard Hagen. The latter has a low F sharp that is truly bearded. --Rick Jones

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  1. Dear Otto:
    I feel very good commentary on the disc Rick Jones today. Often we find bad reviews of performances of Gardiner. I think that the versions of Gardiner are as good or better than anyone else.
    A hug, Otto, and thank you very much

  2. This disc is truly outstanding.



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