Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gebel - Christmas Oratorio, New Years Oratorio - Klapprott, Capella Thuringia







Overall, these performances convey the spirit of the music and its message in thoroughly convincing, idiomatic fashion, with Bernhard Klapprott inspiring both orchestra and chorus to playing and singing of great conviction. It’s good, too, to hear chorales taken at a sensible pace. Cpo’s sound is a little edgy, but well detailed and spacious, while the  comprehensive notes are in the best house tradition. Anyone inspired to   investigate Gebel by the reviews of the St. John Passion (we like to think such people exist!) should need little encouragement to make for this disc, featuring as it does two works that perhaps make an even more convincing case for the composer.--Brian Robins


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  1. Dear Otto, yesterday I wanted to write to thank you for the Johannes Passion of Gebel but I could not. Today I write immediately to thank their Christmas and New Years Oratorio Oratorio. Gebel was born and died in the same years as did Johann Sabastian Bach (1685-1750), perhaps for this reason was hidden by the huge shadow of the giant Bach. Thank you very much for giving us so many and such beautiful music. A big hug

  2. Thank you Carlos for writing so kindly my friend!



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