Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Musique of Violenze - The Parley of Instruments Renaissance Violin Consort







Among other things, Henry VIII appears to have been responsible for bringing the violin to England. The original group of Jewish-Italian string players who came to work for Henry started a musical institution that continued as part of the royal household until it was disbanded in the 1920s. The music featured here represents "the sort of music the violin consort would have played during Queen Elizabeth's reign." Not surprisingly, many of the pieces are dances; others are consort pieces; Henry VIIIstill others are arrangements of popular songs of the day. The seven  members of the Parley of Instruments--which in this case includes violins, violas, bass violin, lute, virginals, and drum--take full charge of this music and quite carry us away with their obvious enthusiasm and energetic performances. This is one of those rare recordings that both enlightens and entertains. A treasure that belongs in every early music library. --David Vernier


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  1. Filefactory has problems with Part 1 which is not available (anymore) it seems. Can you help?



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