Thursday, June 2, 2011

Couperin, Louis - Suites for Harpsichord - Christopher Hogwood







The Couchet harpsichord from the Brussels Conservatoire—a splendid instrument with a positively astonishing bass—which Christopher Hogwood uses for this excellent recording is dated 1646, and is thus contemporary with these Louis Couperin pieces, which were not published during the composer's lifetime but are preserved in two manuscript collections (the The church of Saint Gervais in Paris, where Louis Couperin served as organist from 1653 until his death second of which came to light only in 1968). It is doubtless their more limited circulation, plus the problems posed by Louis's elusive preludes non mesures, that are responsible for their being much less familiar than the character pieces of his nephew; but each time one hears them one is struck afresh by their quality and the subtlety of the writing. Hogwood thoroughly understands the style, and is adept at making small variants in repeats; and fortunately his choice of pieces.


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  1. i love louis couperin. i listened to a g leonhardt recording over and over and over years ago.... i think he was a student directly or indirectly of froberger. thank you otto



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