Sunday, June 5, 2011

Handel - 20 Sonatas, Op.1 - Wallfisch,Goodwin,Beznosiuk, et al







This set gives authoritative readings, impeccable in style, dependable in text, and ornamented with enterprise but also with taste and sensible judgment. There are five violin sonatas, seven for flute and six for recorder. Lisa Beznosiuk has a soft and limpid tone, often almost Handel sensuously full in the bottom register, and brings nicely crisp rhythms to the quick movements. Richard Tunnicliffe is a clear and alert cello continuo player throughout and Paul Nicholson's contributions at the harpsichord could hardly be bettered. Elizabeth Wallfisch, who has the violin sonatas, is another admirable stylist, and brings an unusual subtlety to music that is generally played more energetically. Above all, I relished the oboe sonatas here, played by Paul Goodwin.


flac, scans  thank you Thomas


  1. Thank you so much Otto! Great music.

  2. Parts 4 & 5 are missing. Would it be possible to re-upload? Many thanks in advance.

  3. Yes, please. Repost parts 4 & 5.



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