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Fasch - Dresden Sinfonias & Concertos - Les Amis de Philippe

Fasch - Dresden Sinfonias & Concertos - Les Amis de Philippe
Concerto | Eac, ape, cue | log, cover | 1 CD, 420 MB
February 10, 2009 | Cpo | RapidShare

CPO is bringing out Fasch releases every few years without, it appears, any attempt to make them into an actual series. Nonetheless, it's good to have these. Johann Friedrich Fasch (1688-1758) was a forward-looking musician who, though a contemporary of Bach, anticipated Haydn and Mozart in the classical style of his compositions. In his younger years he held several positions before he became the music director for the chapel at the court in Zerbst, where he remained for 36 years. He also enjoyed a close connection with Dresden musicians, chiefly with the concertmaster of the Dresden court orchestra, Pisendel. These works are thought to have been some of Fasch's many compositions for the famous orchestra at Dresden.

Two of these are three-movement works called overtures; these represent a kind of "overture symphony" that Fasch created himself. Two string symphonies and two concertos are included also, the concertos showing the influence of Vivaldi, whom Fasch admired. With the exception of one symphony, which has four movements, every work here has three.

This is a fine recording in every way, but it doesn't have any aspects that grab my attention-- make me want to drop everything to listen or play a portion again. Part of the problem is that, while all is well and precisely played, the sound is very "period instrument", which tends to put me off, especially if there are many brass and woodwinds. The violin sound is also straight, dry, and tight--too much for my taste. The performances are quite restrained. I imagine that part of the problem also is that this music, for some reason, doesn't speak to my heart--but it may very well speak to yours. If you like a strong, well-played period-instrument sound, do not hesitate.--American Record Guide

CD Content
Ouvertüre FWV K: F3 for 2 Horns, 2 Oboes, Bassoon, Strings, Bc;
Ouvertüre FWV K: A2 for 2 Flutes, 2 Oboes, Strings, Bc;
Sinfonias FWV M: A2 & FWV M: G4 for Strings & Bc;
Konzert FWV L: F2 for 2 Corni da Caccia, 2 Oboes, Violine, Strings, Bc;
Konzert FWV L: D22 für 2 Flutes,2 Oboes, Bassoon, Strinmgs, Bc


  1. Thanks Otto!

    You getting there. Secure rip now, not burst mode. Very good! The cue-file needs a bit correction though. It says CDimagen.wav but you've uploaded ape-format. ;-)

    Best Regards!

  2. Btw the tracks are not properly named either. You can make EAC collect track information from FreeDB so you dont have to do all the hard work yourself. How neat is that? :-D

  3. Hi Sankerib, I do understand what you would like me to do. MY rips are with a few exceptions (old cd's=burst mode)conforming to those rules but because I have a duty to my radio listeners I also publish cd's not ripped by me but interesting for the radio. Those cd's are tested by me (sometimes re-packed)but not always as complete as one wishes them to be. :-(

    Greetings otto

  4. I understand... Thanks for the feedback! :-)



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