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Petersen, David - Violin Sonatas, Speelstukken - The Rare Fruits Council

Petersen, David - Violin Sonatas, Speelstukken - The Rare Fruits Council
Violin | Eac, flac, cue | log, cover | 1 CD, 342 MB
March 10, 1998 | Astree | RapidShare

Petersen [Pietersen], David

(b L├╝beck, c1650; d before 5 May 1737). Dutch composer and violinist of German extraction. He went to Lund (Sweden) with Gregor Zuber (fl 1633–73), possibly his tutor and almost certainly his mentor; both were employed as university musicians there during the early 1670s. From shortly before 1680 onwards Petersen was in Amsterdam; it is not clear whether he worked as a professional musician. Considering his Speelstukken of 1683 (a set of violin sonatas modelled after J.J. Walther’s Scherzi of 1676) and a possible connection between Walther and Amsterdam (as expressed in Walther’s Hortulus chelicus), it is possible that Walther taught Petersen. Petersen dedicated the Speelstukken to an Amsterdam burgomaster and subsequently received a few small city appointments, which he held until his death. He died somewhere outside Amsterdam.

The Speelstukken are by far his most important compositions; they are in a virtuoso style with many polyphonic passages, rapid scales and other figures, and the use of high positions. He also wrote numerous continuo songs to Dutch poems mostly by Abraham Alewijn, a close friend. Alewijn dedicated his play Amarillis (1693) to Petersen with the suggestion that he set it to music, but the extent to which Petersen fulfilled this wish is not known; some of his songs are on texts derived from the play.

Petersen belongs to the generation of Dutch composers that includes Johannes Schenk, Carolus Hacquart, Servaas de Konink and Hendrik Anders, all of whom were influenced by German, French and Italian music. Their work, however, was superseded by the Italian-orientated music that dominated the Dutch Republic from about 1710 onwards.

Track Listings:

1-5 Sonata Xll
6-9 Sonata ll
10-13 Sonata l
14-17 Sonata lV
18-21 Sonata V
22-25 Sonata Vll
26-28 Sonata lX
29-32 Sonata Vl
33-35 Sonata X


Performer: Balazs Mate, Rare Fruits Council, Alessandro de Marchi, Manfredo Kraemer
Composer: David Petersen
Audio CD (March 10, 1998)
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Import
Label: Astree
ASIN: B0000060IR

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