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Biber - Harmonia Artificiosa Ariosa - The Rare Fruits Council

Biber - Harmonia Artificiosa Ariosa - The Rare Fruits Council
Chamber | single flac, cue | no log, cover | 1CD, 407 MB
May 21, 1996 | Astree | RapidShare

This cd is very good. The music is played with impressive baroque extrovertism, and passion. A very fiery and exciting performance of some simply fantastic music.

HIF Biber is the baroque composer that I most overtly admire. Here was a gentleman simply bursting with creativity, who invented with his music, who crossed into new territories of sound and technique, who wasn't afraid of pushing the envelope in terms of style and harmony. I can imagine him quite similar to Beethoven in one respect ~ the music remained with him always as a constant companion and a beloved distraction.

Biber's scordatura tunings are far more than a gimmick to test the mettle of the performer and wow the audience, they are his solid attempts at getting beyond, at breaking free, at creating music that uplifts and inspires, while intriguing and challenging the ear. With Biber, you do not expect to hear what comes next in many cases ~ and that's what's such a treat. He keeps you on your toes, and sometimes at the edge of your seat, remaining fresh thru repeated listenings. And repeatedly you shall listen if you are as me. This is timeless music.

The splendid ensemble RFC captures the spirit of Biber's compostions perfectly with their thoughtful, interpretive, intuitive performances. They spice with just enough pizzazz without going overboard, thus avoiding crossing into the dreadful musically-murderous categories of 'cute' or 'frou-frou'. This is Biber done right.--Amazon

Harmonia Artificiosa-Ariosa (7), partitas for strings & continuo, C. 62-68

Composed by Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber
Performed by Rare Fruits Council
with Balazs Mate, Rolf Lislevand, Pablo Valetti, Manfredo Kraemer, Lorenz Duftschmid, Mara Galassi

Conducted by Alessandro de Marchi


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