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Concerti 'per l'orchestra di Dresda' - Goebel, Musica Antiqua Koln

Concerti 'per l'orchestra di Dresda' - Goebel, Musica Antiqua Koln
Concerto | Eac, flac, cue | log, cover | 1 CD, 350 MB
January 23, 1996 | Archiv | RapidShare

Truly, I was happy to discover Heinichen, Dieupart, Fasch, Pisendel,Quantz and Veracini. Of course,Vivaldi and Biondi made me discover Pisendel before, but not in this way. For those who did not buy the double Cds of Heinichen (which his highly recommanded by the critics) recorded by Goebel, it's your chance to listen to some of his works. You will enjoy the concerto en fa majeur and the beautiful pastorale. On the whole, all the music recorded here is absolutely sublime. The concertos of Fasch and Quantz are so pleasant to hear that you won't be bored to listen to them again and again. The sonata of Pisendel is, at first, dramatic. But the second movement is brilliant and powerfull. The ouverture of Veracini recorded there is, at my own point of wiew, far more interesting than the Cd dedicated to this composer that Goebel recodered in 1994. This Cd is full of surprises, dynamism and very fast movements. A little tornado...Amazon

CD Content

# Concerto for orchestra in F
Composed by Johann David Heinichen

# Concerto in A minor
Composed by Charles Dieupart

# Concerto in D minor
Composed by Johann Friedrich Fasch

# Sonata da chiesa for strings, 2 oboes & continuo in C minor
Composed by Johann Georg Pisendel

# Pastorale for orchestra in A major, Seibel 242
Composed by Johann David Heinichen

# Concerto for 2 flutes & orchestra in G major
Composed by Johann Joachim Quantz

# Overture No 5 in B flat major
Composed by Francesco Maria Veracini

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