Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bach C.P.E. - Concertos for Flute, Oboe, Harp Solo - Nicolet, Holliger, Zinman, Leppard

  • Release Date: 01/17/1995
  • Label: Philips Duo
  • Number of discs: 2
  • Composer: CPE Bach
  • Performer: Nicolet, Holliger, Zinman, Leppard
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Another very generous Duo from Philips combines the four flute concertos of C. P. E.. Bach (E flat, Wq165; A minor, Wq166; B flat, Wq167; A, Wq168) with the oboe concertos in B flat, Wq164 and E flat, Wq165. As a double bonus we are given the Sonata (Solo) in G minor for oboe and continuo (here harp and cello) and the Sonata (solo) in G for harp, Wq 139. Virtually all the concertos exist in alternative versions for cello and keyboard: the arrangement of the flute concertos was made especially for Frederick the Great. Aurele Nicolet, their soloist, uses a modernBach,Carl Philipp Emanuel instrument pleasingly enough, but the effect with a rather heavy string accompaniment from David Zinman and the Netherlands Chamber Orchestra makes less of the music than some rival versions. This Duo issue also offers Heinz Holliger's estimable account of the oboe concertos, of which the E flat was probably originally written for this instrument. Here Raymond Leppard's accompaniments with the ECO are characteristically stylish. In fact these are flawless performances, as are those of the little Sonata in G minor and the engaging Harp Solo in G (Ursula Holliger). The excellent recording given to these latter works makes this a value-for-money set----in spite of the inclusion of the less than fully recommendable flute concerto.--Gramophone

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  1. Ohh! Very interesting for me this one. I wonder... Have Carl Philipp Emanuel made anything that is not really good? Thank you Otto! :-)

  2. Hi Sanke, why do I get a feeling you are collecting 'Philips Duo'? :-)

    I think he suffers from comparison with his father who is like a God to many. I personally rate him very highly and have a special affection for him.

  3. Part 3 is only 13.8 MB - pretty sure it needs to be alot bigger because half of disc one won't un-RAR properly.

  4. Part 3 is corrupted, or incomplete at least, would you please help us?

  5. I am uploading part 3 now. Pls check back tomorrow...

  6. Thanks a lot for your kindness and above all for your excellent sharings.



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