Saturday, May 7, 2011

Graun - Concertante Music with Viola da Gamba - Ensemble Baroque de Limoges







Johann Gottlieb Graun 1702-1771 studied with J.G. Pisendel in Dresden, and Giuseppe Tartini in Prague. He taught violin to Bach's oldest son, Wilhelm Friedemann. After briefly serving as Konzertmeister in Merseburg (1726), Johann Gottlieb joined his younger brother, Carl Heinrich, in the employ of crown prince Frederick. Johann Gottlieb composed overtures, symphonies, solo concertos (mainly for violin and harpsichord), concerti Johann Gottlieb Graun grossi, trio sonatas, quartets, cantatas, and songs. J. G. Graun is mentioned in a letter (1775) from Carl Philip Emanuel to Forkel as one whose works his father had especially valued in his later years.

Ensemble Baroque de Limoges (Limoges Baroque Ensemble) (EBL), which Christophe Coin took over in 1991, provided him with the means to go still further in his personal research. Since then, Christophe Coin has shaped the ensemble to his requirements, with regular musicians who are eager to go along with him in his exacting re-reading of instrumental practice and Baroque scores.


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  1. Best Sturm und Drang Music I have, best Graun CD I have listened to.
    Totally recommended. Thanks, Otto.

  2. link number 3 is broken, dear otto.
    your blog is excellent. best wishes, merry christmast ...



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